Welcome to PingTron

For one night only we are proud to present The PingTron Playground - 20th June 2013 - 5pm till Midnight.

The PingTron Playground is a customised cave of delights that runs parallel to a second space that hosts the bar, lounge and dance floor. There is something for everyone.
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A UV PingPong revolution coming to a place near you in 2013. Are you ready...for PingTron?

At the rickety bridge between the ancient arts of mortal combat and our future dystopia lies the technoillogical miracle of PING TRON. A unworldly marriage of ultraviolent ultraviolet, the monastically-inspired regime of table tennis, our facilities and your festival promise a unique and exceptional interactive installation for all ages, any time of day or night. PING TRON is a completely new phenomenon. The speedy, exciting game of ping pong played in the alien glow of UV-light is an unforgettable experience. It may yet be recognised as the greatest of the modern world's inventions. But it is already a tried and tested festival success story

PING TRON is played in a custom-built, light-proof arena. The only light within comes from UV bulbs. The walls, the floor and the ceiling are completely black. Inside is a table tennis table and some seating for spectators. The edges of the table, the net, the balls and the bats are marked with UV reflective paint. They glow just enough to make the game possible. Those playing and watching are completely immersed in the experience.